MultiDrive – Automatic Multi-Panel Sliding Door System

Multi-Panel Patio Doors

If you have multi-panel sliding doors, the MultiDrive is your solution for ease and convenience.

Operate the MultiDrive in Stack Mode to allow all active panels to open.

The patio doors will stay open until you are ready to close them.

This is the perfect mode when the weather is great or you are entertaining guests and want to open your home for full enjoyment.

Where Does It Install?

The Autoslide MultiDrive can be easily installed on wooden, glass, aluminium and PVC single, bi-parting, and telescoping doors. It can also be installed on pocket sliding doors.

How Does It Work?

It is a compact home automation system designed to automate sliding doors. The system consists of a motor device and electronic controller and encased in an aluminium slim line housing.

The door is then activated by specially designed wireless push buttons installed on both sides of the opening. Optional motion sensors and other activation devices are available as well.

MultiDrive comes in a mill finish to allow customer to powder-coat cover to match the door’s color. The MultiDrive interface illuminates 4 different color lights depending on the Mode that is in use:

  • Unsecured Automatic Mode – Automatically opens the door for people; pet sensors are disabled; locking function is disabled; indoor and outdoor sensors are active.
  • Stack Open Mode – Door can be programmed to open multiple-panels and uses activate to open/activate to close; locking function is enabled.
  • Secured Automatic Mode – Automatically opens the door for people using Inside Mode sensors; Outside sensors and pet sensors are disabled; locking function is enabled.
  • Pet Mode – Enables use of pet sensors and allows door to be opened to the pet width; door can also be opened to full width for people; locking function is enabled.

Flexible Configuration

Much of the functionality inside the MultiDrive is controlled by a set of eight dip switches:
  • 1. Direction/Learn –Used to program the MultiDrive’s normal width for people use and to set the MultiDrive to work for a left-handed or right-handed door.
  • 2. Slam Shut –When activated, this setting will give an extra power boost at the initial opening and final closing of the door. Designed for tight jambs and heavy weather seals. (Note that on the Elite system this cannot be used when Dip Switch #7 is turned ‘On’)
  • 3. Pet Learn –This switch is used to program the pet width of the MultiDrive . The Pet Mode is indicated by the orange mode light. The MultiDrive must be in this mode for your pet sensors to function.
  • 4. Stay Open / Stack Mode –The direction of this dip switch will determine how the Blue Mode operates on the MultiDrive system. If it is in the ‘Off’ position, the door(s) will open and stay open until the mode is changed from Blue Mode to another.
  • If it is in the ‘On’ position, the system will act as a toggle mode where you activate to open the door and then activate to close the door. You also use the ‘On’ position when opening multi-panel sliding door systems for a full open.
  • 5. 25% Less Power –Reduces the power the motor uses to prevent your doors from moving too fast.
  • 6. App Pairing –Turn on this dip switch to pair your MultiDrive’s Wi-Fi module to your smart phone or tablet using the Autoslide app.
  • 7. Extra Power –This mode allows you to increase the amount of power the system uses while it opens and closes your doors. It is useful on heavier doors and multi-panel sliding door systems.
  • 8. Beep –When activated, this will cause the MultiDrive to emit an audible beep when the door opens and when it starts to close.

Smart Home Integration

The MultiDrive allows seamless integration into your existing smart home or access control system.

Use one of the three dry-contact ports to create a scene within your home automation system and control the MultiDrive from anywhere in the world.

Don’t have a smart home system? No worries…just download the Autoslide app to your smartphone or tablet. From here, you can operate and program your MultiDrive system where there is internet access.

The MultiDrive simply connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network to provide the increased accessibility through the Autoslide smartphone app.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa

The MultiDrive is more than just an automatic door system. It is another way to connect your home to your lifestyle and increase convenience.

With this in mind, we have provided integration into Google’s Home system and Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Now, you can operate you MultiDrive by simply saying, “Alexa, open sliding patio door” or “Hey Google, lock Autoslide.”

And as technology continues to advance, Autoslide will continue to create partnerships for integration into a larger variety of home automation systems.


Single Sliding

Telescopic Sliding

Center Vent Sliding

Center Vent Telescopic Sliding

Technical Specification

Maximum door drag weight 35 lbs Drag Force
Colors Mil Finish
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 24VDC Power Adapter
Automatice to Manual Mode Yes
Maximum Track Length 20 Feet
Electronic Locking iLock Motor
Dimensions H 2.6″ x W 2.9″