Our Services

  • Spiral balances
  • Window and door sealing to eliminate rattles and whistles
  • Timber sash replacement
  • Awning/casement window stay replacement
  • Timber door replacement (fire doors included)
  • Timber casement hardware modification from butt hinge to friction stay
  • Sash cord and springs
  • Window winders
  • Window and door locks
  • Window safety devices
  • Leaking window/doors
  • Door closers
  • Bi fold door repairs
  • Sliding window and sliding door roller replacement, including track capping installation.

We are the market leader in Window and door refurbishment for all makes and models such as:

  • Vantage
  • Stegbar
  • Trend
  • Airlite
  • Bradnams
  • Gjames
  • Dowell

Just to name a few. Call now and speak to one of our team members to discuss your make or model and the repair options available. Call 1300 663 664

Vantage repair specialists

Window fabricators are constantly developing their systems and designs to provide their clients with the best possible product. As a result approx every 7 – 10 years existing lines are being discontinued to make way for the new and improved model. whilst Some fabricators continue to stock replacement parts for older styles that have been discontinued others don’t. So we have developed various methods to overcome this very problem to keep your windows functioning and most importantly saving you a substantial amount of money in replacement costs. Call us today on 1300 663 664

A solution to suit your needs

Enhance the performance of your window or door with one of our extensive solutions, we can rectify many issues such as:

  • Sash cord and springs
  • Sliding windows and doors that are hard to slide
  • Improve acoustic capability of existing windows or doors
  • Prevent excess airflow from entering when closed, this contributes to rattling and whistling not to mention poor efficiency of your heating or cooling system
  • Additional security options
  • Child safety
  • Configuration or reversal of opening hand
  • Water ingress and egress
  • Friction stay conversion to butt hinged casement windows, this helps overcome fowling of hardware on plantation shutters and blinds
  • Sash cord to spiral balance upgrade, this simplifies future maintenance which can be carried out in half the time

Speak to us today

Have you been told you need a new window or door? Are the replacement parts to your window or door no longer available ?

Don’t worry we have developed alternative systems in fitting today’s parts in yesterday’s windows and doors.

Bifold door customisation

We can update your old system with the current available hardware.

Call us today on 1300 663 664