At The Window Guy, we take great pride in being our customer’s one-stop shop for all of their window and door repair, upgrade and maintenance needs. We bring years of experience to each job we take on, and there is no job too big or too small in Sydney for us to handle.

Our staff are knowledgeable in both domestic and commercial window and door repairs and maintenance, and we offer a broad range of services. Whether you want to enhance your existing windows and doors or replace them entirely, we can help. Our services include:

Awning/Casement Window Stay Replacement

Are your awning or window stays getting worn down? Maybe they slip when you put them in a certain position. Either way, we offer comprehensive awning and casement window stay replacement.

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Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors hardware is forever changing. We have both the extensive knowledge and access to the vast range of replacement parts to get your bi-fold door working the way it should.

door repair services


Your door closures makes your heavier commercial doors close slower, and they can wear out with repeated use. We'll repair or replace your door closures, so it doesn't slam shut each time someone comes or goes.

Leaking Windows And Doors

Over time your windows drainage system can become blocked. This can cause water ingress resulting in further damage to your property. Contact us for further information. (This service is temporary on hold)

Sash Cords and Springs

Over time sash cords eventually fray and break. This can be unsafe if the sash happens to suddenly let go. We can replace the sash cord and correct the counter balance to ensure maximum safety and ease of operation.

Sliding Window and Door Roller Replacement

If your sliding door or window is sticking, you may need to replace the rollers. We have a large stock of rollers on hand and ready to install quickly and efficiently.

Spiral Balances

Is your window refusing to open properly? If so, it may be time for new spiral balances. We'll replace or repair them and get your window opening and closing like new.

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Timber Door Replacement

Do you need to upgrade or replace your current timber door? We have durable and sturdy timber doors that'll give you a sleek look and feel.

Timber Sash Replacement

Timber Sash Replacement

Keep your home energy-efficient and looking like new with our timber sash replacements. We'll match your new timber sashes to your windows for a perfect fit.

Window and Door Furniture

We can offer a variety of window and door furniture such as pull handles, decorative hinges, door knocker's and door viewers.

Window and Door Sealing

Keep your windows and doors free of drafts and lower your energy bills with our window and door sealing services.

Window Restriction Devices

Window Restriction Devices

Window restriction devices prevent the window from opening more than 12.5cm. We offer fixed and removable restriction devices at The Window Guy.

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Window Winders

If your window doesn't open like it should or if it sticks, you may need a new window winder. We'll help you pick out the best choice to suit your home's style and your needs.

Screen door repair and Sliding door repairs sydney

Sliding and Screen Door Repair

Our professional door repair services are here to help you regain smooth and seamless access to your outdoor spaces.

timber window restoration

Timber Window Repair and Restoration

Our team of skilled craftsmen are dedicated to breathing new life into your windows, ensuring they stand strong against the test of time.


Autoslide’s mobility kit lets you convert your manual sliding door into an automatic sliding door to increase accessibility.


The MultiDrive system is the most technologically advanced automatic sliding door system that can open single-panel doors as well as multi-panel doors.

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